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Saturday's Promo # 1

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Saturday's Promo # 2

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Saturday's Promo # 3

College Max Wager
- SAVE $65 -

Scott Delaney

100 DIME
Big 12 Game of the Year

Iowa State - Kansas State

MATCHES last night's 100 Dime Ivy League Game of the Year winner on
Cornell against Brown that you also got for Over Half Price Off

Roll with 100 Dimers In All Sports

Over 3 Times stronger than Thursday's 30 Dimer on
Utah over Arizona

$10 bettors have made $14,957 with plays rated 50 Dimers or higher

Use Coupon Code: Scott

Saturday's Promo # 4

Biggest College Play of the Year Goes Again
- SAVE $65-

Tommy Brunson - Winning Day # 13 of 21

100 DIME
Winner # 5 of 7

Road Warrior Game of the Year - Goes on the Late Afternoon Card

MATCHES Wednesday's 100 Dime Winner on
Rutgers over Northwestern that you also got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES last Saturday's 100 Dime Winner on
Florida State over Louisville that you also got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES two Friday's ago 100 Dime Winner on
Sacramento over Miami that you also got for Over Half Price Off

MATCHES two Thursday's ago 100 Dime Winner on
Cincinnati over Memphis that you also got for Over Half Price Off

Use Coupon Code: 100dimer

Saturday's Promo # 5

Biggest College Play Ever
SAVE $65 -

Ray Chadwick

$10 bettors up $6,275 the past 78 days

150 DIME
College Hoops Release of his Career

SEC Game of the Year

Tennessee vs Kentucky - Tips at 8:00 Eastern

Ray is 4-2 Lifetime with 150 Dimers
- Matches two Saturday's ago 150 Dimer on Syracuse over Pitt -
- Matches three Saturdays ago 150 Dimer on Kentucky over Kansas -
You got them all for Over Half Price Off

18-12 Roll with normal Top-Rated 100 Dime Releases
- and this play is 50% stronger -

Use Coupon Code: Ray


Chris Jordan, the winningest college basketball handicapper at this site since 2016, and who has made $1 bettors in that stretch $27,670, has a 
Top-Rated 1000* release on the opposite side of this game

Saturday's Promo # 6

$7.77 Triple Play - Early Hockey Action

Gabriel DuPont

50 Dime
Western Conference Game of the Week

St. Louis at Colorado - Starts at 3:05 Eastern

$10 Bettors up $11,557 with plays rated 50 Dimers or Higher
since Gabriel's site Debut

Use Coupon Code: Triple7

Saturday's Promo # 7

Get Ready for Some More Football - 2:00 Eastern Kickoff
SAVE $75 -

$10 bettors have made $18,477 the last 334 Days

Jack Brayman - Winning Day 36 of 59

$10 bettors up $5,430 the past 58 days

AAF Game of the Month

Salt Lake Stallions at Birmingham Iron - 2:00 Eastern Kickoff

Jack went 8-3 with his NFL 80 DImers this season
- this play is just as strong -

Use Coupon Code: Football24

That Means You Get the Play for Only $24

Saturday's Promo # 8

Saturday Night Football
 - SAVE $77 -

Sean Michaels

Football Winner # 3 in a Row

Alliance of American Football
Opening Game of the Year

Arizona Hotshots at Memphis Express - Kicks off at 8:00 Eastern

Fresh off his 100 Dime Super Bowl Winner # 7 of 9 on New England 

50 Dimer # 1 - January 12

Divisional Playoff Teaser Winner
Rams (-1) over Dallas / Saints (-2) over Philly

50 Dimer # 2 - January 13

Divisional Playoff Total Winner
Saints-Eagles Under by 18 1/2 Points

Winningest Football Handicapper at this site the past 8 Years

$10 bettors have won $12,765

529-476 Best Bet Roll in all sports

Use Coupon Code: FIRST22

That Means You Get the Play for Only $22

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please contact Customer Service and they'll let you know where to find them.

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