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Who is Dom Chambers?

Grew up in St. Charles, Missouri. Long-time Cardinals fan who grew up listening to Jack Buck on KMOX.


First job was working as a dish washer in a little greasy spoon right outside of St. Louis. Youngest guy by a mile; everyone else in their 30's or 40's in the kitchen. They exposed me to gambling. It started with poker and ponies and parlay cards weren't far behind.


Moved to Vegas in the late 1970's, before Vegas got so plastic, commercial and corporate.


Started a small one-man phone tout service in the early 90's. Never had more than 60-70 clients at a time, but I made a damn good living over the years because my guys stayed with me forever because I produced winners.


And that's really the key to this business: You win for customers and they're happy.


Nothing wrong with a phone tout service if you're legit and a one-man operation. But TV ruined it for guys like me. I couldn't compete with those blowhards on TV screaming about guaranteed plays or round robins or 5-team parlays being absolutely free on their 1-800 numbers. Those scumbags gave guys like me running a legit business a black eye because everyone thinks you're like them.


In 2009 I threw in the towel. Didn't stop betting, but stopped running my phone service. I had known Sean Michaels for about two years so I was familiar with this online stuff, but never really thought about getting into it.


When I heard they were looking for a hockey guy, I applied and got offered the job. Was here for a few years until the pandemic struck. Now I'm back again. 

Nothing has changed. I'm only going to release plays when I like games. So maybe I'll have 4 plays one week and 2 the next. Either way, the only time you're going to find them here is if I like a game.


I tell clients WHY I love a game. No throwing darts at a board here.


For a guy who never went to college, I've made one heck of a living by being honest. Hope you give me a try and let me try to make you some money too.