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How Do Packages Work?

You are purchasing 7 plays, 30 plays, 60 plays or 100 plays - NOT days because there are not going to be releases every single day. 

So, for example, 7 plays might be released over 11 days and that's what a 7-PLAY PACKAGE is getting you.

Taking it a step farther, if you purchase a year-long package, you will get 365 plays - even if it takes 470 days to fulfill that package!

BUT....let's give you an example to illustrate one more point.
  • You have a 7-Play package. 
  • Let's say IMM has TWO plays on an NFL Sunday. 
  • Those 2 plays count as just ONE day toward the fulfillment of your package because they were both released on the SAME day.
Again, PLAYS not days because if you read what we are about in the "Bio" section on this page, the releases will be posted only when the betting market dictates. No "manufactured" plays simply to fulfill some package


If 3 plays are released on a Sunday, however, that is considered just ONE day toward a 30-day package. If 1 play is release on a Sunday, it's the same ONE day toward that 30-day package. You are NOT penalized for multiple plays being released

FYI - All the instant rebates still apply as listed below.



Nothing held back!


$149 Instant Rebate Available for Current Package Players


2-Part Payment Plan Available at Time of Purchase


$100 Instant Rebate Available for Current Package Players

Nothing held back!

$50 Instant Rebate Available for Current Package Players

FREE 2 Day All Access Pass

All Sports Included -

Nothing Further to Buy!

(Any "Guarantee" applying to Guaranteed Plays 

and Resulting Free Service is NOT included)

Sean Michaels, Chuck O'Brien, Matt Rivers

Jack Brayman, Steve Budin

- and all Hockey Handicappers - 

do NOT release plays every day

Upgrade From One Package To Another at Anytime

Instant Rebates Available Upon Upgrades!

Insider Money Moves' Rating System


Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

This is no disrespect to any of the handicappers at this site, but we're not about to start giving out 10-Dime incremented ratings when the groups send out orders on these plays, and we reveal what they're looking for in terms of the sharp numbers. 

We don't want to bog you down with large scales of ratings and have you breaking out multiplication tables to figure out what you're playing on these games, so we're going to keep things simple.

It's not rocket science. It's about using money management and getting the best value on the most underrated numbers the wiseguys creating the market are playing themselves.

Four levels of urgency with these investments, indicated by 25, 50, 75 or 100 Dimes.

It's the equivalent of saying 1, 2, 3 or 4 stars - with four being the highest.

Your max play on a game will be a 100 Dime release.

So if we're placing a 50-Dime rating on one of the orders that's been sent out by a syndicate, and your max wager on a game is $1,000, your wager will be $500.

Be smart. Don't overcompensate. And stay disciplined.

What are Insider Money Moves?

Thank God for a few of the holdover dinosaur bookmakers in Las Vegas, the good ol' boys who remember when the wiseguys created the market and generated the buzz on games. They understood - and respected - the beards who would run money for the Computer Group, the Poker Boys, and the famed Walters clan.

Across town, from Little Caesars to the Horseshoe, from Castaways to the Stardust, there was a collaborative effort in sports betting that allowed the sharps to do what they did, because those who tried to keep up brought hundreds of thousands of dollars with an attempt to chase the hot number.

They were the Insider Money Moves.

To an extent, on a low-key level, they're still there.

The widespread sports-betting epidemic that has engulfed society has watered down the old-school ways of how wiseguys got their action. Public money comes in droves nowadays because so many states allow sports betting. But make no doubt about it, the wiseguys are still there. The sharps are making their money.

The information given to the select groups comes from a variety of sources, including specific beat writers from every professional sports city, business owners from those cities who know where the athletes go and hear the buzz about the star who is having trouble at home, or the bookmakers around the nation sharing information about the sharp action and numbers to avoid.

That's where we come in.

They won't admit it publicly, but bookmakers embrace the sharps, knowing the amount of money that will follow when they tell the gaming media how much money is being bet on certain games, specifically on certain teams. But those reports come out once, twice a week. We get it daily.

Direct from Las Vegas, with several other interested parties scattered throughout the East Coast - in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia - we've formed the biggest conglomerate of media members, bookmakers, and sharp bettors for the No. 1 Handicapping Resource in the World.

We're going to provide the information. Now it's up to you to continue to pound the sharp number to help generate the same buzz once seen along the bank of pay phones outside the old Stardust sports book, where messenger bettors would pass along the same info.

The books need it to happen for action.

We want it to happen for our players.

You can make it happen for your bankroll.

Welcome to the Insider Money Moves.