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Sacks 49ers Over (2')

By Chris Jordan, Featured Handicapper

I nailed a 400♦ Winner on Wednesday night with Richmond (-9) blasting La Salle in Atlantic 10 action, an 18-point victory with the Spiders.

I nailed an 800♦ Winner on Thursday night with Utah (+1) defeating Washington outright, 67-66.

I nailed another 800♦ Winner on Friday night with Marquette (+6') covering at Butler in an overtime loss.

Saturday I delivered my first 1500♦ College Basketball release since 2017 on Colorado (-7'), a 76-62 winner over Washington.

Now it's time to put those winnings to work, as I aim for Winning Day # 5 in a Row with my SECOND 1500♦ College Basketball release since 2017.

It's my biggest play of the entire season!!!

Remember, my $1 Bettors have made $38,250 with College Basketball. That's why I've been the winningest college basketball handicappers at this site since 2016. That's why I'll keep it rolling with the biggest blowout on the card for Saturday.

Winningest College Hoops 'Capper
at this Site since 2016

$1 Bettors have made $38,250

Winning Day # 23 of 35
~ ~  and # 5 in a Row  ~ ~

College Basketball Release
Since December of 2017

San Diego State - UNLV

JUST AS STRONG AS my First 1500♦ College Hoops release since 2017
on Colorado (-7') in a 76-62 rout of Washington

STRONGER THAN my 800♦ Winner # 16 of 22
on Marquette (+6') covering in an 89-85 loss at Butler on Friday

STRONGER THAN my 800♦ Winner # 15 of 21
 on Utah (+1) 67-66 against Washington on Thursday

STRONGER than my 400♦ A-10 Game of the Month
Richmond (-9) by 18 over La Salle on Wednesday

$1 Bettors have made $159,705 with plays 1,000♦ or higher since 2006

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One of my free plays from the Super Bowl will be the San Francisco 49ers to register more than 2' sacks against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Tennessee Titans are the only team to have played three playoff games this postseason, after wins in New England and Baltimore, and their loss in Kansas City. None of the other wild-card teams made it to the conference championship.

The Titans averaged 2.6 sacks per game during the regular season, and finished 13th in the league with 43. In their three playoff games, they had six sacks.

San Francisco, in two playoff games, had nine sacks.

If the 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl, they're going to need to slow down Pat Mahomes, cut down on his angles and force him to stay within the hashmarks. That translates to sacks.

San Francisco, which ranked second in the league in allowing 281.8 yards per game, ranked fifth during the regular season with 48 sacks - an average of 3.0 sacks per game.

As stacked as the Kansas City offense is, and as good as Mahomes is with plenty of targets, he's going to end up on his back several times in facing the league's best defensive line: Nick Bosa, DeForest Buckner, Dee Ford and Arik Armstead.

The 49ers also have linebacker depth and legit dudes in their secondary who play their coverages well, which means Mahomes won't have it that easy, and will need more time.

That means San Francisco's agile front foursome that does a great job of rushing the passer will be able to key the league's best pass defense by taking the Chiefs out of their comfort zone by setting up favorable pass-rush situations that will result in hurried or deflected passes, or, what we need: sacks.

I'm not endorsing a play on the 49ers by any means, but I am telling you they'll record more than 2' sacks.

2* OVER 2 1/2 Sacks