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- and 4th straight Sunday -

I created the Charity Play of the Week program two years ago and in that span our little community of care-givers has probably contributed well over $300,000 to those in times of need.

I've given away over $6.1-million of plays the past two years, but as I always say, without YOUR support and participation, this program doesn't work.

For the 4th straight Sunday - and the 32nd time in 52 weeks overall - I provided you a FREE WINNER courtesy of the Charity Play of the Week program. 

Now it's your turn to help someone in need with the money you won on my dime as General Manager of this site.

On Sunday (4/20) you received - ABSOLUTELY FREE - my latest baseball winner on the A's in a 4-1 run line win over Oakland.

The regular price was $79 - You got the Winner for FREE

Now it's quid pro quo time as it's your turn to make a donation to someone in a time of need.

Let me bring to your attention the story of Benjamin Scharnhorst, the youngest child among five in the family who is currently at the Little Rock (Arkansas) Children's Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for an infection that is causing seizures and brain swelling.

The prognosis for this little guy is unknown, but doctors fear he will have some type of permanent brain damage.

I want you to click on this link:

Now, after seeing that picture, you tell me how - or why - you can't make a contribution to help this family with mounting hospital-related expenses in this time of need.

I made you money for FREE on Sunday. Now it's your turn to pay it forward.

Again, here is the link to make a donation:

Donations are being accepted via Pay Pal or by credit card. Just click on the big orange GIVE button at the above link to contribute.

FYI - Note that you can make a credit card donation by clicking thru and continuing to the Pay Pal page and then choose (at the bottom of the Pay Pal box) the buy as a guest option right above the Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover card logos.


I noticed that the contribution window took about 15 seconds to pop-up so please be patient when making the donation. But you see my $250 on there, so you know it works.

The word "gambling" has many negative connotations, but I always believed there was some greater good that could be accomplished while enjoying what we do for recreation. And the accompanying positive karma is something we call could use in all phases of our lives. 


As always, this is an honor-based giveaway. I don't know who you are or whether you actually give. Ultimately, you have to look in the mirror and be accountable for yourself. 


When you donate I will have no idea who are, what you gave, when you gave it, etc. However, I gave you MY $79 winner for FREE  and now it's your turn to make a donation.

Al DeMarco,
General Manager



9 of 12 Winning Football Seasons

(NFL & College Combined)


150-126-13 NFL Roll
past five years combined
+207.25 Dimes
(FYI - 99% of my plays are rated between 5 and 15 dimes)

with highest rated 30 Dime NFL releases
past five years combined

68-47-6 Run
with NFL 15 Dimers past four seasons

2013 Preseason

August 24 - Indy (First Half) vs. Cleveland - Win
August 25 - Houston vs. New Orleans - Loss

2013 Regular Season

September 5 - Denver/Baltimore Over - Win
September 8 - San Fran vs. Green Bay - Win
September 15 - Atlanta vs. St. Louis - Win
September 24 - Denver vs. Oakland - Push
(the line was -14 1/2 when I released it - with some -14's,
but was all over the board by gametime. I personally won,
but I'm counting this as a push for record-keeping purposes)
September 29 - Denver vs. Philadelphia - Win
September 30 - New Orleans vs. Miami - Win
October 3 - Cleveland vs. Buffalo - Win
October 4 - Green Bay vs. Detroit - Win
October 11 - Seattle vs. Tennessee - Loss
October 18 - Detroit vs. Cincinnati - Loss
October 27 - New Orleans vs. Buffalo - Win
November 7 - Washington vs. Minnesota - Loss
November 17 - New Orleans vs. San Fran - Push
(I had the Saints at -2 1/2 after buying insurance and personally won,
as did most of you, but I'm counting it as a push here for record-keeping purposes)
November 25 - San Francisco vs. Washington - Win
December 1 - San Francisco vs. St. Louis - Win
December 8 - New Orleans vs. Carolina - Win
December 15 - Carolina vs. NY Jets - Push
December 16 - Detroit vs. Baltimore - Loss
December 22 - Carolina vs. New Orleans - Win
December 23 - San Fran vs. Atlanta - Loss
December 29 - New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay - Win
January 5 - San Francisco vs. Green Bay - Win
January 12 - San Francisco vs. Carolina - Win
January 19 - Denver vs. New England - Win
February 2 - Denver vs. Seattle - Loss

(FYI - 99% of my plays are rated between 5 and 15 dimes)


Biggest NBA Plays Since 2009


15 Dime Releases


43-29-3 Record


Most Recent Releases

Winner - Oklahoma City (-2) 103-87 over Miami (March 25)

Loser - Lakers (-6) vs. Golden State (March 27)

Winner - Oklahoma City (-6) 92-78 over Chicago (April 1)

Winner - Denver (-2) 106-101 at Oklahoma City (April 26)

Winner - Dallas (+6') in a 102-99 loss at Oklahoma City (April 30)

Loser - Hawks/Lakers Teaser vs. Boston/Denver (May 1)

Loser - Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City (May 3)

Winner - Pacers (+2') 94-75 over Miami (May 17)

Winner - Spurs (-5) 96-86 over LA Clippers (May 19)

Loser - Pacers (+2) vs. Miami (May 20)

Winner - Spurs (-5) 120-111 over Oklahoma City (May 29)

Loser - Heat (-8) vs. Boston (May 30)

Winner - Thunder (-4') over San Antonio (May 31)

Winner - Thunder (-3') over San Antonio (June 2)

Winner - Thunder (-5) over Miami (June 12)

Loser - Thunder First Half (-3) vs. Miami (June 14)

Winner - Heat (-4) over Oklahoma City (June 17)

Winner - Heat (-3') over Oklahoma City (June 21)

Loser - Heat (-6) vs. New York (November 2)

Winner - Knicks (-7') over New Orleans (November 20)

Winner - Thunder (-5') over San Antonio (December 17)

Winner - Clippers (-4') over Lakers (January 4)

Loser - Nuggets (-12) vs. Cleveland (January 11)

Loser - Nets (-6) vs. Atlanta (January 18)

Loser - Pistons (-4') vs. New Orleans (February 11)

Loser - Nuggets (-8') vs. Boston (February 19)

Winner - Nuggets (-9) over New York (March 13)

Loser - Clippers (-11) over Lakers (October 30)

Loser - Trail Blazers (-4') vs. LA Clippers (December 26)

Winner - Suns (-2) over Nuggets (February 18)

Loser - Thunder (-3) vs. Heat (February 20)

Loser - Bulls (+3') vs. Brooklyn (March 3) 

Loser - Bulls (E) vs. Memphis (March 7)

Payment Types

5 Dimer - Clippers/Warriors

Seeking Winning Day # 14 of 18
Buy Now Buy Now $79
Wrong side of 10 dimer # 8 of 9 last night as Miami failed to get the job done at home versus Charlotte.

Looking to rebound tonight with winning day # 14 of 18 as I've got a 5 dimer on the Clippers-Warriors.

Charity Play of the Week 
Winner # 32 of 52
Delivered last Sunday for a 4th Straight Week

Have you made a donation yet?

You got MY latest MLB Winner - a $79 pick - for FREE
as the A's beat Houston 4-1 on the run line

Donation details on my homepage

or make a donation here......

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Al DeMarco's Rating System

Over the 25 years I've been doing this, one of the biggest misconceptions I've encountered from customers is their belief that winningpercentageactually matters in this business. Bottom line is that a straight-up winning percentage means absolutely nothing when your handicapper - such as myself - releases rated selections. Read further and you'll understand why.


I use the "dime" rating system, going in 5 dime increments, generally keeping those plays between 5 and 50 dimes. Yes, that's a wide range, but truth be told, I usually max out around 30 dimes, rarely venturing into the rarefied air toward 50 dimes unless I've built a substantial bankroll. Doing anything different would be irresponsible bankroll management on my part and a total disservice toward you, my clients.


I like to keep it simple from a money-management system so my customers can always know exactly how they should beallocatingtheir bankroll in proportion to the rating I assign to a selection.


Obviously, a 50 Dime play is five times stronger than a 10 Dime release and twice as strong as a 25 Dime pick.


And each day when you see my compiling or mentioning my NET profit figures, keep in mind I've computing them based on the following formula:


Net Profit = Wins - Losses- Vig


Of course let's not forget my golden rule of gambling: Never bet more than you can afford to lose. No rating system - including mine - is effective unless you pay attention to that rule. By heeding my advice you can never fall into a financial abyss from which there is no escape.


A question gamblers always pose is "How much should I be playing?" Obviously, there is no set, firm answer, but my advice would be to follow my money management system and base the size of your wagers on a percentage of your total bankroll.


Let me explain further...


Take your total bankroll - the amount you can afford to lose in an absolute worst case scenario on a single day. Let's say it's $400 on a college football Saturday. And on that Saturday I release a 50 Dime play and two 20 Dime picks.


Let's do some quick math...I've got atotalof 90 dimes of action on the table (one 50 dime play and two 20 dimers).  You've got amaximum one-day bankrollof $400. Simply divide the $400 by the 90 dimes and you've got a per dime wager of $4.44.


Now it's time for some simple multiplication. If a dime is worth $4.44, my 50 Dime rated release equals approximately a $222 wager on your part. And my two 20 Dime rates picks equal approximately $88.88 wagers each. Add everything back up and you've got your initial $400 bankroll all over again.


This obviously all applies to a single wagering day. It's up to you to figure out how to allocate your bankroll over the course of a week or month.


Now, back to how inconsequential winning percentages can be: Let's say I have a 50 Dime play and three 10 Dime releases on an NFL Sunday. If I win the 50 Dime play and go 0-3 with the 10 Dime releases, my overall record is a dismal 1-3 but my net profit is a healthy 17 dimes. Conversely, let's say I lose the 50 Dime play and go 3-0 with the 10 Dime releases. My overall record is an impressive 3-1, but my net profit is a negative -25 dimes.


Which would you prefer, the losing record and winning day, or the winning record or losing day?


Believe what you want, but I'm telling you the truth: Winning percentage means nothing in this business as the above illustration will prove time and time again. Of course, crafty salesmen masquerading as handicappers can spin gold using the second scenario, but I feel it's my job to educate you about what is the TRUTH in this business - whether you become my customer or not.

Who is Al DeMarco?

Been there, done that, seen it all.     


That pretty much sums up my 25+ years in this business!     


25 years in a business that most guys are lucky to make it 25 months.     


The secret to my success? To be honest, there is no one "secret," no magic elixir, but rather a commitment to winning which means a commitment to working 365 days a year.     


Being a handicapper is not a part-time job. Now, those of you reading this, the gamblers of this world, I understand that you are not professional gamblers and obviously you do this on recreational basis and cannot devote your life to wagering. But that's what I'm here for; that's what you pay me for.     


There are two types of handicappers in this business: The first are great salesmen who excel at separating you from the money in your wallet and could care less about picking winners. The second are guys who know how to make clients money by winning consistently over the long haul through effective money-management techniques and an intuitive sense of knowing when to press and go for the jugular with big plays - especially when your playing with your bookmaker's money.     


Listen, in my 25 years in this business I've seen more scam artists and con men than you can believe. A few of these relics - the dinosaurs from the 800 phone room age - are still around trying to make a buck online. You know the type; they tell you something is "absolutely free" with the same conviction that makes you look twice when they claim the sky is blue.     


Rest assured, what you see here at my site is what you get. My plays are ONLY available online. And these are the ONLY plays I've got each day. There is no "better" package available at a higher cost like so many other guys offer at their sites or by phone. What you see is what you get; end of story.     


No one - and I mean NO ONE - wins every day in this business, and anyone who claims to is a LIAR. As I always tell my clients, I will go on streaks, both good and bad, just like the players and teams I analyze daily. But the key for me - and my customers - is that I expect to turn a net profit for them over the long term. And making money over the course of season or a year, etc., is what matters most.     


A little bit more about me....     


  • I'm currently the General Manager and Director of Operations for the industry's largest group of pay-per-view sports information websites     
  • I'm the featured handicapping analyst on Comcast SportsNet Chicagotelevision, appearing weekly on the Tribune Live program.     
  • I am a featured contributor atFoxSports.comand     
  • I created, hosted and syndicated the national sports talk show "The Friday Night Quarterback" in the early '90's.     
  • I created and published the weekly football newsletter "The Players Preference Playbook" in the '90's.
  • I was Managing Editor and News Director for a national sports news wire service in the late '80's.     

Nice resume - and there's a lot more - but the past doesn't count in this business and that's why I laugh when I hear or read about a handicapper bragging about some contest they won 13 years ago.Who cares?       


Enough about me because all that really matters is whether I can make you a winner. Check out my page. Watch me on TV. Listen to me on the radio. Decide for yourself. I'm not here to sell you anything; I'm here to make you money and no one is putting a gun to your head. The decision to let me help you is yours and yours alone.     


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